Antoinette is available to speak to school students, young adults starting out in their careers, at corporate functions as a keynote or guest speaker or at events where organisers are looking for an engaging life story to entertain their guests.

Choose not to crumble.
Dealing with financial stress.

  • How to position yourself as capable of adapting to new circumstances
  • Working out how to do what you can with what you’ve got
  • Why you should get professional emotional and financial help
  • Why you need to pay yourself a decent salary
  • How to make provision for your future

The warning signs.
Be alert to change.

  • How to handle disagreements about money
  • What to do if you and your financial adviser frequently disagree
  • What to do if your spending is out of control
  • How to have a conversation about different financial expectations
  • Why you should trust your gut instincts