Great Handbag,
Don’t Forget Your Briefcase




Great Handbag, Don’t Forget Your Briefcase

A meteoric rise from ordinary to special is very easy to take. The reverse is not.

If you do one thing in your fabulous life, make sure you can sustain yourself financially. This is the message from Antoinette Colbran, accomplished speaker and advocate for the importance of financial know-how for women.

Faced with impending, life-changing financial hardship, Antoinette was forced to ask hard questions about her finances. From a lifestyle that included a home overlooking Sydney Harbour with choices in holiday homes, boats and cars, within a short time Antoinette was left knowing that survival meant having to step up and build a business she had worked in part-time while raising her children.

And step up she did. Great Handbag, Don’t Forget Your Briefcase is Antoinette’s message to women about becoming aware of your financial choices, staying in control and ensuring your future is financially safe. It’s the message every woman needs to hear.


 Great Handbag, Don't Forget The Briefcase - Rear Cover

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