Investing for Women & Planning Financial Success for the Future

In our lifetime we will receive bucket-loads of advice on matters financial.  It happens at primary school and it happens in our families where our parents who learned their lessons about popping something into that money box – or savings account to have it mount up over time – will gently or not so gently remind us of the need to do likewise.

What I think makes a difference when teaching my own girls about finance is to set goals for themselves, so that bit by bit they see their financial savings growing.  My advice to them has been to get into an investment property as soon as they possibly can – (when earning full time wages) start small and pay it off over time.  Live in it or do not live in it – move in and out of it – live in it and rent out the other room to a friend etc.  by having a goal – a tangible reason for saving (car, holiday etc)  – the incentive makes it so much more reasonable.