2020 A Year Like No Other

Imagine the ability to foresee the devastation that the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 brought. In some parts we had to deal with clean ups from flood infected areas..  Then we were  confronted with the Corona Virus (COVID19) outbreak which has seen every Country globally effected.  We don’t know, what we ‘don’t know’ in regard to the complete fallout over this one.  What it absolutely reinforces in my mind – is the necessity for us to be prepared for life to take a massive u-turn.  We need the know-how to put measures in place to be able to deal with the change that this brings.  This year beyond most – means we need to be prepared for anything!  My story is relevant – have a look.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and working longer

The Treasurer’s announcement this week that men and women should push on longer and later in their years in jobs  – up to 65 and in some cases 70 is controversial to a point – physical hard yakka is not easy at 65+ – comments have been made by scaffolding labourers and similar workers that the Treasurer might be able to forecast that length of time in his career – but not all physical labourers can last the (career) distance.  My comment relates to my own story of the need to push on much longer than ever anticipated in order to fund myself and family.  Read “Great Handbag – don’t forget your Briefcase” as a story that tells why ensuring physical fitness and stamina is important for reasons other than the Treasurer’s own belief – that of necessity!

The Well Woman – a panel discussion



It was gratifying to see a solid group of Women Chiefs of Enterprises International members and friends at The Well Woman event at the end of June 2019.

We received countless questions to each of the panelists, Dr Shruti Kapila, Cardiologist on women’s heart health, Michele Chevalley-Hedge, Nutritionist and Antoinette Colbran, Author, Speaker on the effect of rapid lifestyle change on women’s health.


“Thanks Antoinette for a great night on Tuesday – you were brilliant as always and it was a great group of speakers.  We all need to be “well women”.  For those that couldn’t make it, Antoinette can fill you in when we next meet.”  Kath Roach,


“Thank you so much for the invite to the function last night, Lisa and I thoroughly enjoyed it, what a wonderful session with open honest and such invaluable information and contacts.”  Elizabeth Pilovski

“You are a brilliant speaker Antoinette – the panel was fabulous – I so enjoyed it”

ARCS Annual Conference

ARCS Annual Conference

ARCS Annual Conference Dinner

A privilege to emcee the Annual Conference Dinner at Randwick Racecourse on Wednesday, 22nd August for ARCS – leaders in education and tech in the therapeutics industry.  A fabulous event attended by near 400 delegates from Australia and abroad.  I also had the privilege of facilitating a Conference session on Thursday 23rd August.  Incredible minds – thoroughly enjoyed my two roles.


Great handbag – don’t forget your Briefcase – presentation to CPA group, Sydney CBD

Thank you, Antoinette Colbran for such wonderful presentation yesterday (7.6.2018) at the CPA Directors Discussion Group. Thanks to CPA Australia for their sponsorship and special thanks to Mark Scriven & Sam Traurig whose support made it an absolute pleasure to organise this event. I also enjoyed the conversations that arose from the lively Q &A session that followed the presentation – thank you to everyone who attended. Andrew Jetson, Samantha Challinor, Sveta Shao FCPA CA, Rupen Malouf CPA, Min Wu, and many other CPAs, directors and executive managers. For me, the key learnings were: – Building #resilience & other skill sets is very important to survive adversity. – Women should be actively involved in the financial aspects of a #family business, as well as in general family #finances, from the outset. – #Accountants need to consider the ethics of any given complex matter from all angles and recognise when the challenges involved are beyond their expertise. Here are few slides with yesterday’s photo & details of the next two events in August and October with Craig Rispin CSP and Julie Garland McLellan – Boardroom Expert. I will post details of each event on Eventbrite. Look forward to seeing you again soon!

Successful Launch

Successful Launch

We had a successful Launch last Wednesday, 23rd May.  Wow!  80 in the room.  An invigorating Q & A session to Launch the book “Great Handbag – don’t forget your Briefcase”.

Fabulous feel – great accolades.

BOOK LAUNCH – getting closer

BOOK LAUNCH – getting closer

I’m overwhelmed with support for my Launch!  Wow – how wonderful does support make us feel.  I feel very blessed by the number of women coming along and showing support for my story.  We will have a great night.


come along and meet some other fabulous women at the Launch.

We have some very interesting and interested women attending.